When our beloved didn’t message it hurts a lot and we may miss them and fell into deep grief isn’t. It’s quite natural, but when they come and ask for what reason that we kept staying sad, it’s a moment when we feel happy, sad and something special. But we most of the girls doesn’t say that it’s because of them. Sometimes because of shy or because we may think how they could sense it. Hence, we may try to find something else and reply them. Then if they reply that, they thought we missed them!!! we may get pained again and think that.. ooh shit! I should tell the truth. Isn’t 😅

Only some people get connected within our heart. When our face changes a little bit they can sense it well, and know for what it is. They are called soulmate. Even if we say hundreds of lie we cannot withstand before them.

We will reveal what was the truth behind our sorrow. That’s the real love